Why the Isle of Lewis is Your Next Holiday Destination

27 January 2017


Picture yourself exploring white sandy beaches, enjoying fresh seafood and discovering fascinating historical sites. You can do all this and more when you visit the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

The largest and most northern isle in the Outer Hebrides may not be on your radar yet but the two major TV programmes that are being filmed on the island during 2015 (the Katie Morag series for kids and the Lewis Trilogy for adults) will make the Isle of Lewis a must-see holiday destination next year.

Get ahead of the trend by planning your trip to this unforgettable island today. Read our guide to the best things to do on the Isle of Lewis to make the most of your trip.


Discover Stornoway

The pretty fishing town of Stornoway is the largest settlement in the Outer Hebrides and Lewis’s main hub of activity. If you’re staying in Stornoway, we recommend spending an afternoon strolling along the town’s picturesque harbour to watch the fully operational fishing boats. Once you’ve explored the town, learn more about the island’s fascinating culture and history at the Museum nan Eilean or discover work from new and exciting local artists at the town’s art gallery.


Explore the Isle of Lewis’s Rich History

Who needs Stonehenge when you can see the Isle of Lewis’s standing stones in Callanish! These standing stones are one of the most significant ancient stone structures in Europe. From the main road (the A858) you can clearly see the stones’ circle formation and while you’re exploring the area, look out for the large pieces of stone that have been arranged in a cross formation.

A trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without seeing at least one castle. During your holiday it’s worth traveling the short distance to Lews Castle to discover this impressive 18th century mock Tudor castle. While you’re there spend some time exploring the surrounding tranquil woodland and enjoy the fantastic views of Stornoway harbour across the water.

If you want to discover what island life was like for the Isle of Lewis’s early inhabitants, head to the Blackhouses at Gearrannan to find fully restored traditional houses. If you visit the Blackhouses during peak season, look out for the living museum where you can learn more about crofting life and experience traditional activities such as weaving.


Relax on the Isle of Lewis’s Beaches

You wouldn’t typically associate Scotland with beach holidays but Lewis’s excellent selection of beaches makes this island perfect for beach lovers.

Tolsta and Ness beach in the north of the island are two of Lewis’s most popular beaches. The turquoise water and white sand found on both of these beaches, is set off perfectly by the island’s dramatic coastline. If you have time, take a relaxing walk along the beach to discover some of the most spectacular coastal vistas in all of Scotland.


Sample the Local Delicacies

Seafood lovers will be in their element on the Isle of Lewis! The local restaurants in this region are famed for their speciality seafood dishes. If you’re there on a romantic getaway, why not set the mood by sampling freshly caught oysters in a candlelit restaurant?

You might not expect to find fine dining on such a remote island but some of the local restaurants’ innovative menus puts them in the same bracket as top, world-renowned restaurants on the mainland. Treat your taste buds to Digby Chick, one of the most popular eateries on the island. The local chief and proprietor James Mackenzie is renowned for his seasonal menu and locally sourced ingredients. While they specialise in seafood, you can also find a range of equally flavoursome alternative dishes.


Find Your Perfect Isle of Lewis Accommodation

If you want to experience the Isle of Lewis for yourself, visit LHH Scotland to find the perfect self-catering accommodation for your trip.

Sail Loft in Stornoway is perfect for romantic getaways. This historic Grade A listed building is perfectly located on the harbour overlooking Lews Castle and close to the popular beaches in the north of the island. During your stay at Sail Loft you’ll be just minutes away from the town’s art gallery, museum, restaurants and a variety of bars. Alternatively if you want to have a relaxed night in your holiday house, you can enjoy the fully operational cinema room located in Sail Loft’s atmospheric stone vault.

If you’re looking to escape from it all during your holiday, the Atlantic Longhouse in Uig is perfect for relaxing breaks. This pretty holiday house is surrounded by incredible views of Uig’s coastal cliffs and on a clear day, you can see the outlying islands across the North Atlantic.

If you treat yourself and your partner to a full week in the Atlantic Longhouse from now until March 2015, LHH Scotland will give you a free chef prepared meal for two served in the cottage!


Don’t wait to discover the Isle of Lewis for yourself! View LHH Scotland’s fantastic Isle of Lewis accommodation today.


Photo credit: Christopher Combe Photography via photopin cc