Moray Firth Dolphins

Everyone loves the dolphins - but not everyone can is fortunate enough to get so close to them – nearly every day!

We are lucky to be based on the Black Isle, not an island but an area surrounded on three sides by sea – and home to a resident population of the largest bottlenose dolphins in the world. Just take a short walk along the beach, pick your spot – and wait! The best time to go is as the tide is turning at low tide. As the tide comes up the Moray Firth, the salmon come too – then, following the food – the dolphins appear.

Best places to see the Moray Firth Dolphins

Some of the best sightings of the year have been happening this week at Chanonry Point which is by far the best place in Scotland to watch these creatures at close quarters. Here you can stand on a shingle beach and see these amazing creatures leaping and playing. There are no guarantees but when they show – wow – what a sight!

There is a very deep channel at the Point which allows the dolphins to come in close to the shore – sometimes you feel you can almost reach out and touch them! Photographers line up their tri pods to capture that one magic shot – like the one here, which was caught on film by a lucky Black Isle photographer.

Alternatively, if you want to get out to sea, we recommend Eco Ventures in Cromarty who will take you out to see the dolphins and other marine life. Join them and enjoy the unique thrill from their customer built RIB, Saorsa. Travelling in the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), low on the water, really allows you to experience the sea.  On returning to Cromarty why not treat yourself to a fabulous wood fired pizza at Sutor Creek or a tastydelicious ice cream sundae at Coopers Creek – delicious!

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photo credit: Peter Asprey via