The Weekend in Inverness Itinerary

27 January 2017

Visitors to the Capital of the Highlands, Inverness are blessed with rugged mountainous scenery, historic buildings, first-rate restaurants and an abundance of wildlife. Whether you want to escape from it all on a tranquil holiday or you’re looking for an action packed break, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you happy on Inverness’s cobbled streets and rolling glens. If you’re planning on having a long weekend break in Inverness, let us help you to make the most of your stay with our 3-day itinerary of things to do in Inverness that are guaranteed to provide you with the quintessential Inverness experience.


Day 1 - Explore the City of Inverness

 When you arrive, the first thing you’ll want to do is explore this scenic city. The Historic Trail is ideal for discovering the main sights of Inverness’s Old and New Towns. Inverness’s rich history, dating back to 585 AD, is reflected in the numerous historic buildings that are dotted around the city. History and culture lovers will be in their element as the route leads you around gothic townhouses and quaint churches. Prefer the sight of a shop over a steeple? Then look out for the Victorian Market as you pass through the town. Beyond the carved entranceway arches which date back to 1890, you’ll find a variety of unique local shops which stock everything from modern fashion to traditional textiles. Once you’ve stocked up on treats for a loved one (or for yourself), continue along the trail until it reaches its finale at the spires of Inverness Cathedral which date back to 1866. Most of the buildings along this route are open to the public and are well worth a look inside if you have an afternoon of your weekend break in Inverness devoted to discovering the city.



Day 2 - Go Dolphin Spotting in Inverness

Now that you’ve experienced the city by land, it’s time to explore the dramatic Inverness coastline by sea! A boat trip around the beautiful coastline, is one of the best things to do in Inverness for the spectacular scenery alone. As an extra bonus, the water surrounding Inverness is also home to a variety of marine life including Bottlenose Dolphins and seals. New Era run frequent eco-friendly boat trips along the coastline of Inverness throughout the year, more information about cruse times can be found on their website.

Don’t despair if you’d prefer to keep your feet on dry land, the pier at Chanory Point is renowned for its excellent dolphin spotting opportunities in the summer and Minke Whales during the autumn. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Dolphin and Seal Centre at North Kessock to find out more about marine life in the Highlands.



Day 3- Visit Cawdor Castle

On your last day, one of the final things to do in Inverness is to take a trip to the majestic Cawdor Castle. With some parts dating back to approximately 1380, Cawdor Castle is a fantastic combination of Scottish history and modern living! When you reach the castle you’ll be spoilt for choice with all of the activities available. Tire out energetic children by letting them run wild around the castle grounds or take a tranquil stroll through the walled gardens to admire the stunning floral displays. Within the castle walls you’ll learn about Scotland’s turbulent history and afterwards, you can unwind with a scenic round of golf. Don’t forget to recharge at the castle restaurant before you go!

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photo credit: conner395 via photopin cc