Haunted Scotland

22 November 2016

Think you’re brave enough to stare down ghosts and ghouls? This Halloween challenge yourself to a trip to Scotland, the most haunted country in the world, if you think you’re brave enough! From dark closes to whispering moors, there are plenty of haunted hotspots to challenge those with nerves of steel. There’s even a haunted road, if you’d prefer to see the Scottish ghosts from the safety of your own car! To help you to get the most out of your ghost hunt, we’ve compiled the essential guide to haunted places in Scotland.


Edinburgh Castle

Standing in the heart of Scotland’s capital city is the iconic Edinburgh Castle. During the day, Edinburgh is alive with tourists enjoying the scenic Old Town and the lush gardens but at night, the city is home to a different type of visitor! In fact, Edinburgh is often called the most haunted city in Europe and the castle is believed to be the most haunted spot in all of Scotland! The castle’s turbulent history over the last 900 years has resulted in a few uninvited guests remaining within the ancient stone walls. Visitors to the castle have reported sightings of a shadowy piper, a headless drummer and even a ghost dog passing through the castle grounds. Keep your wits about you if you’re brave enough to venture into the dungeons, rumour has it that the ghosts of French and American prisoners are still lurking in the shadows!


Glamis Castle

Deep in the lush Angus countryside is the majestic Glamis Castle, former family home of the late Queen Mother and one of the most scenic haunted places in Scotland. The walled gardens and stately rooms may appear to be tranquil but within the castle grounds, remain ghostly reflections of the castle’s dark past.  It’s rumoured that once the sun sets, the spirit of Lady Glamis is free to roam the castle grounds after she was imprisoned for years and eventually burned for fabricated accusations of witchcraft. If one ghost isn’t enough for you, there are also child ghosts who use the castle as a moonlit playground and an old woman who drags her sack around the castle halls.


Culloden Moor

As the site of one of the most brutal battles in Scottish history, Culloden Moor in Inverness-shire is a prime ghost spotting location in haunted Scotland. In 1746 this moor was the site of one of the most brutal battles in Scottish history which resulted in the slaughter of countless Highlanders. Visitors to this misty moor claim that ghosts of the defeated Highland warriors appear at night to lament their crushing defeat. Some locals claim that even the birds don’t sing in the moor as even they don’t want to break the ominous atmosphere!


The A75

How many countries in the world can claim to have a haunted road? The A75’s 15 mile stretch between Annan and Gretna Green is said to be the most haunted road in Scotland! When the sun goes down, even some of the locals avoid heading along this dark road. Visitors who are brave enough to drive along this route have claimed that on misty nights, a phantom Victorian woman and an old man appear from the mist, nearly causing accidents from drivers trying to avoid them.


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photo credit: Neal. via photopin cc