Happy New Year

11 January 2018

neist point

Photo: Neist Point by Leva Haa via CC

Happy new year to all our customers from everyone here at LHH. 2017 was a fantastic year for holidaying in Scotland and 2018 is already looking like it’s going to be even better. To ease you gently into the return to work it’s a great time to start planning holidays and adventures for the coming year. A New Year’s resolution can be a great way to make a positive change in your life and what better way to reward such efforts than by having a luxury holiday in the most awe inspiring location as an incentive for keeping to it. Here are just a few of our top places to stay to help keep your mind focussed on the task ahead.

Read More Books

Finding time to read more is another worthy ambition for the year ahead. With more and more people living such busy lifestyles it can be hard to make space for this most relaxing of activities. Instead of aiming for the classics, try a reading list to inspire or to inform your summer holidays. For example, if you book a holiday to the Hebrides then set yourself the goal of reading Peter May’s Black House trilogy or similarly the Booker Prize nominated His Bloody Project which is set in the hamlet of Culduie, just a short walk from Meall mo Chridhe. It works two ways, reading about these places inspires you to visit, but also as soon as you book your holiday you want to read more and more. For a relaxing spot to chill out with a great story then how about the deck of An Nead, the views of Quinag have inspired countless writers and poets over the years, the only problem is that the panorama just may distract you from your reading.

Be More Environmentally Aware

Last year saw huge publicity given to the issue of pollution in the sea and the idea of reducing plastic use has really caught the imagination of the public. The highlands of Scotland is leading the way with the town of Ullapool being the first in the country to completely ban all plastic drinking straws. This follows from a campaign led by the local primary school which resulted in an agreement between all the bars, hotels and shops in the village to take this progressive step in an effort to keep the local beaches as pristine and unpolluted as possible. When you have such spectacular unspoilt scenery as you have in the north-west it is easy to see why locals would want to preserve it as much as possible. A walk on the beach at Big Sand is inspiring and will convince any sceptic of the need to ensure that future generations can also enjoy this perfect unspoilt environment. For maximum environmentally friendly brownie points then instead of flying, you could drive up to Taigh Glas which overlooks Big Sand by electric car, a journey made much easier now with the expanded network of high speed charging points to be found all around the Highlands.

Get Fit

This is a perennial favourite resolution, usually prompted by festive over indulgence. My personal advice for following through on this would be to start slowly, build up gradually and set yourself a realistic long term goal. A target such as running the Loch Ness Marathon is no doubt a lofty ambition but with a structured training plan and 10 months to go until the big day then with some hard work and personal sacrifice then it is achievable by many. Now would be the perfect time to sign up and also book yourself a luxury place to stay for the event, somewhere to prepare for the big day but also to relax and celebrate your achievement afterwards. Mountain View is a short drive from the race start and has the added bonus of a hot tub to sooth your weary limbs. If a marathon is too daunting a prospect then there are also a selection of shorter runs such as 10k or a half marathon to aim for. For those more interested in two wheels then cycle events such as the Beallach na Ba or the Skye Sportive offer a great focus for new year training while also allowing you the freedom to explore the landscape at a leisurely pace. Events such as these are becoming increasingly popular and sell out quickly, much the same as all the premier holiday cottages in the best spots. Stop procrastinating (another popular resolution) and book today.