Christmas Specials

31 January 2017

 christmas specials


One of the most nostalgic rituals of childhood is the advent calendar. The daily anticipation throughout December of the chocolate treats hidden inside as you count down the days till Christmas itself is something you always magically associate with the excitement of the festive season. Here at LHH we believe that kids shouldn’t have all the fun so we have devised our very own version of an Advent Calendar for our lucky customers this Christmas.

Every day from December 1st to January 1st our Facebook page will feature a new special offer. 30 fantastic ways for you to save money and celebrate in style. We would spoil the surprise by revealing too much at this point but you can expect impressive cash discounts, hampers, boat trips and free meals. Each offer is only valid for one day so keep checking back and you had better be quick, dates are limited and will go on a first come first served basis.

It’s a great time of year to be planning a holiday, as the nights draw in the attention can’t help but focus on the coming year. It’s great to have something like a Hebridean beach holiday to look forward to, it somehow make the cold winter months somehow that bit more bearable. But Scotland is also a great destination for winter breaks. Skiing, sledging and snowboarding can be a welcome antidote to newspapers scaremongering reporting of impending snowpocalypse. So embrace the cold weather, check out our page daily, be inspired and save money.

If the kids eventually tire of sledging and snowball fights then there are a large range of alternative festive activities to amuse them, from pantomimes to Husky racing and even visiting Santa’s reindeer. Christmas markets are also springing up all over the country offering local crafts and continental cuisine.

Christmas is also a time for giving, what better way to show your loved ones you care than with the gift of a holiday? Call the office today and have us prepare a personalised gift voucher for someone special in your life. Valid for any property and available for any amount. Who wouldn’t be happy with a holiday for Christmas?

At this time of year it is worth sparing a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves and that is why LHH Scotland has teamed up with Marys Meals to help provide food to children in classrooms all around the developing world. The award winning charity has created a programme that concentrates on providing nutritional meals in places of education for thousands of children countries as diverse as Malawi, Liberia, Haiti, India and Thailand.

From now until the end of December we at LHH will donate £24.40 to this project from every booking. This will be enough to feed two children for an entire school year. This is a programme close to our heart that we feel is by far the most worthy and efficient use of charitable donations and we are proud to be a supporter.