Is there a 'cooling off' period following making a booking?

Yes - there is a 48 hour period from the time the booking is recorded on the system (when payment is made) during which time you may cancel your booking and receive a full refund less a 1% administration fee.

What happens if I need to cancel after this time?

It is assumed that you will have taken out cancellation insurance. We then open the dates for rebooking and on re-letting the property will refund in full. If the property is not relet for the same dates we will issue the necessary paperwork to your insurance company so that they may reimburse you.

If the advertised hot tub or swimming pool is not available during our stay, what compensation may we expect?

If we have prior knowledge of this we will contact you and offer you the opportunity to either cancel the booking or proceed and receive an appropriate discount for the lack of the facility. Where the failure happens part way through the week there will be pro-rata compensation. For example: a hot tub facility is calculated at £50 per week; a swimming pool is calculated at £200 per week.

Is the broadband provision reliable?

Most of our properties now have broadband. Some are in areas with a faster connection than others and some have satellite provision. The owner has no control over the provision of the service and is only responsible for ensuring that the equipment in the house (router etc) is functioning. If the service is not available during your stay, for reasons over which the owner has no control, then no compensation for loss of this service is applicable.

Where it is indicated that the use of the wi-fi is for email and surfing the net only it is important that this is respected as the allowance will be limited on a monthly basis. If used for downloading the owner may claim on the GHD for the excess they will need to purchase. This can be very expensive for those with satellite systems.  Please be aware that if you have devices set to accept updates these may also activate the downloading and use the excess allowance. Those taking pictures on a phone will need to deactivate the phone so that the images are not uploaded to a server on entering the premises and detecting  the wi-fi.

Do you offer short breaks?

Most of the properties will offer 3 night minimum short breaks in the Low Season (Winter) and some in the Mid Season (Spring and Autumn). These normally commence on a Friday but can be any other day by arrangement.

Can we arrive early/leave late?

Wherever possible the owners and /or housekeepers will be as accommodating as possible but any change to the specified arrival and departures time must be by agreement.

The owners or housekeepers will be cleaning and preparing the house anticipating your arrival at 4pm or later. Please do not arrive earlier than this, except by prior arrangement. An unexpected early arrival may lead to the house not being as clean as you would like as cleaners may leave when you arrive.

Late departure may be possible by arrangement with the housekeeper during your stay if there is no following booking expected. If this house is cleaned by a cleaning service company then this will not be possible as a scheduled contract will be in place.

Can I invite additional daytime guests to the house during my stay or bring camp beds for additional overnight guests?

This depends on the house insurance and the preference of the owner. In some instances, the house will be insured for a specific number of guests and increasing the occupancy will invalidate the insurance, putting the property and yourselves at risk. In some cases, in order to minimise wear and tear and to avoid overstretching the facilities such as private water supplies, septic tank sewerage systems etc; the owner does not wish their property to be occupied by more than the specified number. 

To avoid any misunderstanding, please do not invite more guests than the house sleeps. Where a house shows extra capacity, for example 10 + 2, please check whether the +2 are children's beds. This will be stated in the house details.

In other cases, a property can accommodate additional guests on camp beds etc. and there may be an additional charge for this.

Are exceptions ever made to the No Dog rule?

We regret that we cannot make exceptions to this rule as we have many customers who rely on the No Dog status as a guarantee that no dog has been in that house before them. This may be for allergy avoidance but may also be for personal preference and therefore it is important that we respect this. We do have more houses which accept dogs than don't. Please ensure that all members of your party are aware of this restriction as it could lead to a refusal of entry. If it is found that a dog has been to the property the full GHD may be claimed in order to pay for a deep clean.

What is the Good Housekeeping Deposit?

The Good Housekeeping Deposit (GHD) is a bond which represents your agreement to leave the house and contents as you found them.

We will require a GHD from you, as a bond, representing your agreement to leave the property as found. The owner may claim for any loss or damage up to the amount of the GHD. In addition to damages, they may claim for excessive cleaning costs, smoking in non-smoking properties over-occupancy etc. They may make a claim for any costs arising from your rental which were not anticipated or factored into your rental. Please be aware that smoking in the houses or taking dogs into houses which do not accept pets leads to the full GHD being claimed.

There will be an enhanced GHD for certain types of booking: weddings, stag/hen parties, film shoots etc.

You may pay this in one of two ways:

• By pre-authorised credit card. You may pre-authorise payment of the GHD using credit card details. The funds will be allocated from your card to LHH but will not be taken unless there is a claim.

• By debit card. Debit cards cannot be pre-authorised and if debit card details are given the funds will be banked prior to your stay and refunded following your stay.


The GHD for Branxholm Park House is paid direct to the owners of Branxholm Park House by BACS or Cheque 3 weeks prior to arrival. Customers will be issued with the relevant bank details on booking.

The owner will refund your GHD within 7 days subject to no claim.

No Claim

Provided the property is left as found at the end of the rental, no claim will be made. The Pre-Authorisation code will be cancelled 7 days following your departure and no charge will be made on your card. If you have paid by Debit Card the full amount will be refunded to the same card.

Claim Arising

If the property owner claims for loss or damage, and informs us of any such claim within the 7 days following your departure, LHH will deduct the required amount from your card and inform you of this. The Owner is required to provide you with a breakdown of the claim.


LHH act as intermediary in any claim dispute. If you feel that  an unfair claim has been made and you wish us to mediate on your behalf please contact us. We aim to remain impartial and to mediate between the Owner making the claim and yourself.